The Jane de Busset Clinic

A traditional Maison dedicated to facial treatments and skin cleansing.

The Clinic was set up by Jane de Busset in 1958 and has been based at 30 rue Pasquier in Paris (Saint Augustin district, 8th arrondissement) ever since.

In the 1990s, it was taken over by Sylvie Puig, a devoted employee who had worked with Jane de Busset for over 17 years.

Since then, the Clinic’s clients have continued to benefit from Sylvie’s expertise, through both the facial treatments she offers (including traditional skin cleansing techniques) and the products used at the Clinic, which adhere to the traditional methods of the top beauty institutes.

The Clinic’s philosophy

At the Jane de Busset Clinic, our emphasis is on giving each client a truly personalised experience. Sylvie Puig offers a range of time-honoured treatments that are adapted to suit each client’s individual needs.

The Clinic has exacting standards on hygiene and precision in the methods it uses when carrying out its treatments. We are also committed to punctuality, ensuring that appointments do not overrun and that we stick firmly to our schedules.

A peaceful, calming ambiance reigns in our understated yet comfortable treatment rooms. For Sylvie, the greatest satisfaction lies in the visible, lasting results that ensure her clients keep coming back.