Harper’s Bazar (April 1989) – the best in beauty European women seek out the preeminent pros when it comes to maintaining their flaws complexions   PARIS --------- Skin is a reverent subject for Parisian women. Plagued by some air pollution in Europe and harsh spring winds, they maintain a rigorous front against skin problems and there is no shortage of products to help them. But, for the most sophisticated treatments, all the really smart women have a specialist – typically a high priestess of beauty who has formulated her own methods, products and a personal cult following.   There is nothing closer to a religious beauty experience than a face cleaning by Jane de Busset. You don’t dare come late for a rendez-vous here. She’s booked solid for  two or three months, and accepts reservation up to a year in advance.   De Busset offers two basic services: her famous deep-cleaning (suggested on a once-a-month basis) or an intensive moisturizing 10-days treatment. She uses the same principles, incorporating an ionized cream, electric current and massages, than she learned in the 45’s. Her products, fabricated exclusively for her use, are not sold anywhere else and are made in small quantities, “to be absolutely fresh”.